attitude of gratitude...

I was not born with a golden spoon but I had enough to live a decent life. My parents make it a point that we do have food in the table the best they can.

Let's admit poverty is everywhere but not all of us are exposed to the real thing. We always see people complain about being not thin enough, not rich enough, missed the new gadget, can get the exact size of new Lebron Nike shoes etc etc... There are too many things people complain about and yet there is someone from the other side of the city whose only wish is to have a decent meal. I admit I am like the one who complain unreasonably from time to time - guilty. 

This impromptu realization came to me on my way to a meeting. I was heading north of Manila and yes I complained about traffic and heat even while I am inside a well maintained car. Haven't seen that part of Metro Manila and seeing it right in-front of me makes me think how can they survive? I suddenly felt ashamed with my act. How can I complain when there are people around me who absolutely own nothing? How can I even wish for more when having enough is enough? ... That was a fruitful meeting and what's more fruitful is me heading back to reality with a new perspective in life. I came to my senses that there are so much to be grateful and that money was not everything.
Let's all begin our day with an attitude of gratitude.

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